Playoff Format

Teams finishing 1st to 8th in each Division, as determined by final regular seasons standings, qualify for the playoffs.  All series are best-of-three. Overtime for all playoff games, including play in games, will follow Hockey Canada overtime rules, rule 10.16.

Quarter Finals (Best of 3):

  • Series A: North Division, 1st vs 8th
  • Series B: North Division, 2nd vs 7th
  • Series C: North Division, 3rd vs 6th
  • Series D: North Division, 4th vs 5th
  • Series E: South Division, 1st vs 8
  • Series F: South Division, 2nd vs 7th
  • Series G: South Division, 3rd vs 6th
  • Series H: South Division, 4th vs 5th

Following the Quarter Finals, winning teams are seeded according to Final League Standings.

Semi Finals (Best of 3):

  • Series I: North Division, 1st vs 4th
  • Series J: North Division, 2nd vs 3rd
  • Series K: South Division, 1st vs 4th
  • Series L: South Division, 2st vs 3rd

The U17 Provincial Championship will be held at a location to be determined by Hockey Alberta in consultation with the league, featuring a host team and the respective Semi Finals winners. The Provincial tournament will be a five-team event in accordance with Hockey Alberta Rules and Regulations. The format may change from time to time and will be communicated by the league prior to the season.


Should the Provincial Championship Host Team qualify via the Semi Finals, the highest seeded team eliminated from that Division’s Semi Final would also qualify for the Provincial Championship.